Spaces: Upcycled Tire Design

We had such a great time finding wooden pallet design ideas that a repeat was more than necessary! For a new spin on an old favorite, here are some of our favorite upcycled tire ideas for your spaces whether they be indoor or out. 

Wall Planter

Outdoor Storage

Thread Seating

Glass Top Table

Indoor Storage


Wooden Chair

Would you ever try to recreate these designs for your home? What other ideas do you have for the recycled rubber?

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Spaces: Upcycled Bicycle Design

Eek! Upcycled bikes might just be my favorite yet! Having done five other posts of interior design using a repurposed article, I’m basically an expert ;) 

It seems that more and more bikes find their way out of dark cold garages or cramped sheds to the curb for sale or dump in the Summer months. No more can owners use the excuse of unsuitable weather for their lack of peddling. I’ve taken my fair share of second looks this past week, and while I can’t justify paying some one to fill my husband’s storage, no one said I couldn’t bring home free stuff!

Wall Racks

Tire Rug

Closet Shelving

Desk Lamp

Wall Clock

Bar/ Side Table

Lounge Chair

When was the last time you rode a bike? Would a two-wheeler be more value to you as a closet rack or for mobility?

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awwwww *3*


awwwww *3*

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